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How To Cook Like a Pro With Bamboo Skewers

How To Cook Like a Pro With Bamboo Skewers

Bamboo skewers are a really great way to cook kabobs, and also veggies, on the grill. But the biggest problem you face is that the skewers want to catch fire, since they are combustible. So what can you do to prevent the skewers from catching fire and burning to a crisp?

It’s all about the SOAKING! Place your bamboo skewers in water for at least 30 minutes before using. Honestly, it is way better to soak them overnight if you plan ahead. Just put the skewers in a glass dish, container, or pan and soak them in water. You will probably have to put something heavy on top of them in the container to keep them from floating. Use a plate, bowl or mug to keep them down.

Another important thing to remember so you don’t have a break in the middle of your skewer on the grill is to push your meat or veggies tightly together. This keeps the heat from trying out the middle of the skewer and making it brittle. 

When you are moving your skewered food around on the grill make sure to grab it with some tongs in the middle of the food area, not the ends. This will also keep any of the skewers from breaking.

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